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I wanted to get in an early Memorial Day run, but with an evening downpour, I knew the trails would be slick and I couldn’t risk twisting the bad ankle.  So instead I discovered that Striders was putting on a half marathon up in Syracuse.  That would be a nice tempo run and wouldn’t do any damage to the foot, so I got up early and made the drive up north.  It had only been nine days since I ran Ogden Marathon and two days since I ran 23 miles on the Sapper Joe course.   Oh well, I would give it a try.

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The weather is getting cold and wet, chasing me out of the hills and off the trails.  I decided to take a crack at another road race and went over to Orem to run in this traditional Thanksgiving 4-mile race, with 534 runners.

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June 14, 2008

My recovery after the Squaw Peak 50 went very well.   On Monday I ran 4 slow miles but each day after that felt better.  On both Thursday and Friday morning I ran 16 miles.  It felt like I had recovered about 90%.  With Bighorn 100 in only six days, I didn’t want to do a really long run on Saturday, so instead I decided to enter a 10-mile road race to use as a long tempo training run.

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