March 8, 2003

Saturday was very warm, the warmest weekend of the year so far.  At 11:00 a.m., I left home and traveled to the north end of Cedar Valley, trying to find a route up to look over the copper mines.  I found the road to west canyon, but was disappointed to see signs warning of private property.  I parked the car and decided to head up the public road at least until reaching the gate.  It was a pretty valley, very peaceful without ATVer and shooters.  When I reached the gate, I decided to continue up West Canyon.  After awhile the melting snow on the road was deeper and the mud became a definite problem as I was reaching 6,000 feet elevation, forcing me to head back.  The run back to the car was nice, about a total run of six miles.  I didn’t feel very tired at all and wanted to find something else.   I drove further north, but it was evident that I would hit Camp Williams property and I had no desire to run up against Army guys.

I headed toward Cedar Fort and finally found a dirt road with no private signs that appeared to head up Four Mile Canyon.  Off I went.  The first mile or so was barren desert, but the road soon brought me up into the cedars.  The climb became steeper and I soon had a great view of the valley and could even see into Utah County.   But as I reached 6,000 feet elevation, again the mud became too annoying and I felt fatigued anyway, so back I went back with a nice run down, again a six-mile adventure.