July 12, 2003

Saturday morning I did a solo 25-mile hike in the Uintas.  I attacked them from the South, starting at the Grandview Trailhead at 5:30 a.m., hiking up to Hades Pass, and then down in the Grandaddy Basin, full of lakes and timber.  I made my way up to the Four Lakes region, still felt great, so went all the way up to Rock Sea pass (11,300).  Wonderful views up there.  I didn’t see a single soul on the way up.  I turned around and went back the same way.  I didn’t push it too hard, went for the distance.  Four hours out and four hours back, made it to the car at 2 p.m.  Plenty of up and down, about 4,000 feet up overall.  The mosquitoes were pretty blood-thirsty…forgot the spray, so had to keep on the move, most of the time.  Great temperatures.
It was a great workout and I survived very well, not much soreness anywhere.  The knee was complaining somewhat the last five miles.  The feet came out great, thanks to a new pair of trail running shoes. When I reached the trailhead, a ranger was there.  She could tell that I was beat and asked if I went to Grandaddy lake and turned back (about an eight mile hike).  I informed her that I went all the way to Rock Sea pass.  “As a day hike?!!”  She was shocked and amazed.  Pretty funny.