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May 29, 2006

I admit it.   I am addicted to running across the Grand Canyon and back.  There is just nothing to compare it to — the challenge, the beauty, the sounds, the trail, and the people.   I love that place and can’t wait to return.   When a cold front blew in for Memorial Day weekend, I checked the weather forecast and knew that conditions would be ideal for a run on Memorial Day in the canyon.   With my teenagers working and my wife wanting to paint a room, I took the opportunity for a quick solo trip from Utah to the canyon.   The North Rim is again open and I figured I would only have to be away from home about 27 hours — about 13 hours for the run, and 14 hours for the commute. 

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May 20, 2006

Once again, I decided to get creative with a Saturday training run.   The snow has been melting like crazy in the mountains this past week and I thought it would be safe to climb up toward 9,000 feet.    I decided to try something new.   Instead of climbing my favorite mountain, 11,749-foot Mount Timpanogos (above Provo/Orem, Utah), I was going to circumnavigate the mountain — 38 miles in one morning!   Trails exist all the way around the mountain except for a 9.5-mile stretch of paved road from Aspen Grove down through Provo Canyon.   I could run/hike all the way around this immense mountain.  I wanted to end out with the long paved downhill, so I planned to start my adventure from the lowest point (5000 feet) at the Canyon Glen picnic area in Provo Canyon and would climb up the Great Western Trail that carves around the front (west) side of Timpanogos.  With an early start in the morning, I would enjoy the view of the city lights below.  I would reach a height of 8,600 feet during my run.

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May 12, 2006

After a wonderful week backpacking with friends in Grand Gulch, Utah, we capped off our yearly week in the outdoors with a trip to the Grand Canyon South Rim.   The plan was for me to run my 5th double crossing (rim-to-rim-to-rim) and my friends would hike rim to river and back.   

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