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October 26-27, 2007 

“You guys are craaaaaazy!  100 miles!”

– what a guy yelled at us from a truck at mile 33

Back on December 29-30, 2006, I hosted the first running of the Pony Express Trail 100.  Three of us completed a 100-mile run on the historic trail in western Utah, competing against frigid winter temperatures.  I completed that initial run in 25:29.  In March 2007, three of us tried it again.  I was the only finisher in 23:26.   The Pony Express would run yet again!   Eight brave souls showed up to test their endurance against the remote, desolate, lonely west desert in Utah.   Our 2007 course started on the historic Pony Express Trail about two miles west of the tiny town of Faust (just a few ranches).  After a short six miles of pavement, we would run west on dirt roads for a total of 100 miles and end up north of the remote town of Callao, near the Nevada/Utah border.

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October 12-13, 2007

North Kaibab to Grandview Point and back

You are the first person I’ve seen in two days

– Comment from a backpacker on the Tonto Trail

It had almost been a year since I had run in the Grand Canyon.   I was anxious to return and accomplish my 11th double crossing (rim-to-rim-to-rim).   Now somewhat bored with the usual route using the mule-torn corridor trails, I wanted to do something new, something that probably nobody had accomplished before.

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