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Not quite the 50 that DeanK did, but I bet he didn’t summit a 13er.  Friday I ran up to the top of the highest peak in Utah, Kings Peak (13,528 feet). The summit gets about 5,000 visitors per year. However, few people run from the trailhead to summit and back in one day. Most people do a three-day backpacking trip.  This was my 8th Kings Peak Summit and the sixth time I have done the summit in one day. I made the run with Craig Lloyd and his neighbor Eric. Read Craig’s detailed writeup here.

Saturday I ran in the tough Park City marathon.  This marathon is not your typical road marthon.  It is run at altitude and has about ten miles of dirt.  The hills are never-ending and it makes an amazing huge circle around the valley, visiting Deer Valley and Park City. 

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At Katcina Mosa 100K, I paced Mark Ellison for the last 40 miles of the course.  I put together a slide-show audio/video about the experience.  The race is a tough mountain race that shares part of the course with the Squaw Peak 50, in the opposite direction.  I had great fun playing the pacer role.  One runner commented, “Boy you are a mean pacer.”  Ha, ha, no whining allowed when I pace!  Mark successfully finished in under 17 hours.