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First run


After 21 long weeks, today I ran my first steps pain-free.  It was a slow jog for 1/4 mile, but it was running, and I power-walked a total of 5 miles today.   After a half hour session pounding the elliptical, I went home and my wife said for the first time in five months, “OOOO, you stink.”   That was music to my ears.   I’m still a ways of from running at full speed, but I now have hope again.

Week 22.  Continued progress.   I ran three miles at 3/4th speed.  Pain is the lowest I have felt during running since Dec 30.

It has now been 18 weeks since I have run since stress fracturing my tibia all the way through while running (and finishing) Rocky Raccoon 100.

You know its been awhile since you ran when:

  • Your family compliments you on your toe nails, only one is black.
  • You can’t remember when you bought your last pair of shoes.
  • You wonder if your model of shoe has been discontinued.
  • You see an overweight runner going down the street and you mutter to yourself, “show-off”
  • Nerve endings in your feet are coming to life for the first time in 8 years.
  • You have gained ten pounds but have been eating half as much as usual.
  • You no longer have reoccurring dreams about showing up for races late.
  • You discover that you have three grand children
  • Your grandson can run faster than you…in his walker
  • You start referring to yourself as a former runner

On the bright side, things are progressing.  The fracture was nearly complete through the entire bone.  I now have a bone stimulator machine that seems to be helping.  I can now do short walks nearly pain free.