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Cascade Crest 100


Cascade Crest 100-mile Endurance Run is held in the Cascade Mountains near Snoqualmie Summit just an hour from Seattle Washington.  This was my third visit and I’ve always had an enjoyable time running this beautiful forest course.  The theme for the run is “Tall Trees, Tough Trails.”  The trees are amazing, there are long climbs, but the trails aren’t too technical.  The race directors do a superb job with the race, keeping it relatively small with a family feel.

Last year, this was my first 100-miler since busting my leg and I took it slow and easy but still finished well.   This year I had set my sights on a personal best for the course however I knew that I really didn’t put in the training needed.  This summer, I’ve just been enjoying running, not getting up each morning to train out of obligation.  But with the multitude of very long runs I have accomplished since April, I knew I would be fine.  (20 runs in the past five months more than 26 miles.) continue reading…

Kings Peak is the highest peak in Utah. I again attempted to do a Kings Peak Triple (three consecutive summits from the trailhead, 78 miles), but again I came up short.  I think this is one of the mentally toughest running accomplishments that I have attempted.   I just couldn’t push myself to go out again for that long third trip.  But wow!  I had an incredible adventure.

This time, I started earlier so both summits #1 and #2 would be accomplished in the daylight.  Then, I could take my sweet time on summit #3 during the night.  It was a good plan  and I stayed right to my schedule. continue reading…

Kings Peak is the highest peak in Utah at 13,528 feet.  I’ve summited it ten times in the past.   In 2010 I accomplished the first double Kings Peak, trailhead to summit and back, and then did it again.  I knew a triple Kings Peak was within my reach so I went to give it a try.

I arrived at the Henry Fork trailhead early Friday morning and snoozed until dawn and then got ready.  About ten minutes before heading out, I noticed two young guys, probably in their 20s heading out with light day packs running.  Good, I would have someone to try to catch.   I wasn’t going to try to push the pace hard because I needed to save it for the other trips, but I felt really well running at 10,000 feet with all the running I have been doing recently at altitude.  As I ran early, I was puzzled that I had not yet caught the two guys, but I finally did at the four-mile mark.  This time I decided to be open with people I met and tell them that I was doing the run multiple times.  It would be entertaining all day hearing the reactions.   I reached Elk Horn crossing (mile 5.5) at 1:08. continue reading…