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Chunky me with oldest son in the Sawtooths, 1999

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When I went away to college in Utah, in 1976, I did some semi-serious running for the first time since that aborted junior high track team experience.  Early in the school year at midnight on one occasion I went running with a couple guys up around the Provo Temple for about three miles.  I came back to the dorm exhausted and feeling dead.  A girl who had my attentions would go over to the indoor track to run now and then, so I also went over as a way to spend time with her and later continued running on my own.   For the first time in my life I started to enjoy running.  I even left the track and started running up into the foothills on pavement above BYU, running multiple miles. Several times I would go running at night.  I discovered that it was a wonderful way to clear my head and escape much of the stress of school life and girl frustrations.

I started to associate with a pretty serious runner who also lived in the dorms.  He would encourage me and give me advice.  On the indoor track I improved my personal best mile time to 5:32.8.  He talked me into signing up for a 5K that ran on roads and ended in the football stadium. I started near the front with my friend and kept close to him for the first half mile or so but then I crumbled.  There was no way I could keep up that pace, I started crashing. I was such a running rookie.  I slowed down and was passed by a couple hundred trained runners.  I held on and was able to pass several runners during the final stretch on the track in the stadium.  The race had humbled me but still I looked at the hundreds of runners who I had beaten and it felt like an accomplishment.  But I would not run another race for 27 years.  (I’ve always wondered how good I could have been at that young age if I would have continued training and racing.) continue reading…

Me with older brother and sister

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Where did my running ability come from? I was born to two parents with good athletic ability. My late mother wrote about her childhood in El Paso, Texas: “We had testing in various athletic skills in grade school – broad jump, running, basketball throwing, pushups etc. I loved these tests because I could outdo all the girls in the school each year. I would wait until the last girl did the pushups and do one more when I was ten. I did 42 pushups. I would do so many that I had a hard time feeding myself the next day. I’m not bragging but I could always out-jump all the girls in grade school and high school in the broad jump. My father was always setting up a contest with me against the boy scouts in the neighborhood. They never liked me for that.” continue reading…