From Allen C. Ostergar: In May 1998 my wife Cathy and I visited Barbados. The influence of the Church was immediately apparent upon our arrival. While checking into our hotel late Saturday night, I noticed that the clerk's name was Lemuel! I told him that was an interesting name and asked where he got it. "From da book a da Mormons." I asked whether he or anyone in his family was a member. When He said no, I asked him if he had a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said that he used to, but had lost it. I produced a copy from our suitcase for him. I hope he doesn't become disheartened by his namesake! I also asked Lemuel if he knew where the Church met. He gave us directions to what turned out to be the Christ Church Branch.

The next morning, we set out for the chapel accompanied by the nonmember couple traveling with us. Lemuel declined our invitation to join us. This would be the first church meeting attended by our nonmember friends and we were curious and somewhat apprehensive as to what their experience would be.

We were welcomed with open arms by one of the friendliest congregations I have ever attended. After the meeting, the current branch president, Collinwood Harewood, and his lovely wife Claire, treated us to a wonderful local meal in their home. Brother Harewood, a native Bajan, told us that he joined the Church in England while serving in the British Army and had since returned to his home permanently. Other members of the branch checked up on us throughout the week to see if we were doing all right.

The hospitality of the Christ Church Branch on that first Sunday set the tone for our entire stay. The good spirit felt in their meeting and in the Harewood home greatly impressed our friends, made us feel like family, and I am hopeful will be a large part of the foundational work leading to their joining the church.