From Karl F. Humiston: Since there are only two missions in Bolivia, missionaries who live in one mission are generally called to server in the other. Exceptions do occur, however. I had a companion, Elder Choque, whose family lived in a small town that was only about an hour's drive from La Paz, where we served together. While I was the mission's travel secretary, I picked up Elder Choque at the airport in La Paz after his three weeks at the MTC in Chile. While I walked to the parking lot to get the mission van, I recall seeing him have a very emotional reunion with his family, who had come to greet him. I didn't think much of the experience at the time, and would have completely forgotten about it had I not been assigned as Elder Choque's companion not long after.

Elder Choque had been in the Church for only a little over a year when he was called to serve a mission. He told me that while he investigated the Church, he desired to have an experience just like Joseph Smith had when he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, in the Bolivian altiplano where Elder Choque lived, there were hardly any trees to form a grove. But there were hills and mountains, so Elder Choque decided to climb to the top of a nearby hill and pray for a divine manifestation. Once upon the hill, he prayed long and hard, but did not receive any kind of witness. Frustrated, he began to return home. As he walked, a heavy rain began to fall. Despite being drenched with the frigid rain, a feeling of complete warmth and comfort enveloped Elder Choque, and he returned home joyously.

Eventually, everyone in Elder Choque's family joined the Church, except for his father. In fact, his father was so incensed by Elder Choque's decision to serve a mission that when Elder Choque left for the MTC his father told him never to return home. During his three weeks at the MTC, Elder Choque earnestly prayed for his father.

When Elder Choque returned to La Paz, his whole family, including his father, was there to meet him. In a tearful reunion, Elder Choque's father asked his son to baptize him. Elder Choque could not explain exactly what had happened in the intervening weeks, but he would never forget the miracle that brought his family together in the gospel.