From: Debbie Russell

My husband was a navy radioman stationed in Guantanamo Bay from January of 1967 until the summer of 1968. President Crow was the Branch President when we first arrived. We had a very active little branch with about nine families and several single men. Everyone held multiple callings. Primary was held in one of the family's homes and we also had a Mutual group, and of course, Sunday school and Sacrament meetings. We also held Relief Society homemaking meetings and Spiritual Living lessons.

We held a monthly social--usually involving entire families. Florida Mission President Glen L. Rudd visited our branch while we were there and we held a party in his honor, inviting the Catholic priest to meet him. Although I know of no convert baptisms while we were there, I do know that later on two of the members' husbands joined the church--Nancy Miller's husband and Peggy McKnight's husband.