From John Richards: Paraguay is a choice land. One day in my first area, I was walking in the jungle and found two huts on a piece of land. We "clapped" (you don't knock) and a woman came out. She said that she didn't want to listen, but someone else did. She went back into one of the huts and then emerged with another woman helping her to carry out a 14-year-old quadriplegic girl. The girl had been bitten by a snake the venom of which deteriorates the muscles and joints in the arms and legs. We began to teach the girl. She read everything we gave her, and she gained a strong testimony. Her name is Clara Galeano Bazan. We called her Clarita. I baptized her with the assistance in the font of Elder Goycochea of Uruguay. Shortly thereafter, Elder Goycochea was transferred. My new companion, Elder Fiorina of Uruguay, and I went into one of those huts, closed the windows, and blessed Clarita. It was a very spiritual epxerience. I was then transferred.

I received occasional letters from Clarita's aunts updating me on her status. One day, I received a letter telling me of a miracle. Clarita had regained some use of her hands and arms and had begun to wash and comb her own hair. I was amazed! Then I had further letters where the entire branch had held fund raisers to buy her a wheelchair to wheel her the many kilometers to church. The wheelchair was a very expensive acquisition.

President Ramirez would allow us on our last day or two to visit some of our former areas if it were convenient. I chose to visit Clarita and she had gained even more ability in her arms. I knew the power of God was working.

I went home, married, and got on with life. I returned to BYU. I started to forget about some of these things. Then, one time, I decided to attend a Paraguay mission reunion in the Wilkinson Center on the BYU campus. It was a fun time. I saw old friends, etc. Then, one of my friends said, "Look Elder Richards (we still called each other that)!" I turned and there saw, 10,000 miles from where I last saw her, Clarita coming towards me in a wheelchair!

I learned that a sister missionary, who had been a nurse, befriended Clarita and made arrangements to bring her to the United States for experimental surgery. The University of Utah doctors agreed to do the surgery at no cost. The Richfield Utah ward of this sister, last name Pilcher, had donated an entire year's worth of fast offering funds to pay for the hospital bills. I was amazed again! I kept in touch, but not as well as I should have.

Then, a year or so later I went to another reunion. I was there, and I saw Clarita coming at me in a wheelchair again. I was so excited to see her!!! As I went toward her, some other former missionaries asked me not go to her. Instead, the wheelchair stopped at the door entrance and Clarita rose from the chair and slowly walked over to me and gave me a hug.

God bless the power of the priesthood! I know this girl's faith hath made her whole!

-John Richards