From: Maritza Miranda Allen: I work with a sister at the Jordan River Temple who has shared very special experiences when she took medicine and temporal needs to her family in Cuba a few years ago. I thought she would like your series, so I printed it and took it to her. She wrote down the following to submit to LDS-Gems:
My name is Maritza Miranda Allen (Marty). I live in Riverton, Utah and work at the Jordan River Temple. I was the third Cuban baptized into the Miami Spanish Branch in 1968. I was born in Cuba and came to the U.S. June 3, 1962 just before every thing closed down.

I know that there are many Cubans in Cuba that are members of the Church. They have come to the U. S. on special Visas obtained by their immediate families for a three-month stay, have married, and paid extra to stay in the U.S. for an extra three months.

Only older people, not children, get that special Visa. As far as I know there are a few that were baptized here while visiting in Florida, but have no way of going to church when they returned to Cuba. I myself, as well as other friends of mine, have taken the Book of Mormon over there.

My people are hungry for religion after so many years without. It was great to read about the Saints passing by my Island.

Marty doesn't have E-mail so I would be glad to forward any correspondence to her.