From Gerald Smith: In 1975, Abrahan Bishop was the town drunk of the small border town of Yacuiba. Yacuiba had 15,000 people situated 5 miles from Argentina. The nearest LDS chapel or missionary was 500 miles away.

One day, while he staggered home in the rain, he found a little pamphlet in a mud puddle. He took it home, dried it and read it. Afterwards, he turned to his wife and said, "I don't know what church this is, but when it gets here, we're going to join it." The pamphlet was the Joseph Smith Testimony.

Three years later, the first missionaries arrived in Yacuiba. The fourth house they knocked on was the Bishop's residence. It was sister Bishop's birthday, her husband was drunk, so she asked them to return. They returned two more times before they could get into the home, but when they told the Joseph Smith story, Brother Bishop was already converted to it.

The family soon joined, and within 1 1/2 years he went from being the town drunk to one of the more respectable members of the city. He now owned his own logging truck, while his wife worked preparing meals for all the truckers (and the missionaries).

Sister Bishop had a relapse of a disease called Mal de Chagas.( It is a disease passed on by the Vinchuga beetle and is latent for years in the body. Once it becomes active, it is incurable, causing respiratory and circulatory problems.) She was unable to walk more than 5 feet without being out of breath. The missionaries blessed her, and the next day as they were walking to her home for lunch saw a woman running toward them calling them by name. As they looked closer, they saw it was her. She was healed.

Brother Bishop went on to become the first native branch president of the Yacuiba Branch, and oversaw a great explosion of baptisms in the area in 1980-1981.