From Bro. Christian: Epilogue 1970 response

I was not in Peru for the terrible earthquake in the summer of 1970. I arrived as a young missionary in Nov. 1970. So I cannot give you first-hand accounts, and will not attempt passing on second-hand the many stories I heard.

I was in the Trujillo when the Piura earthquake of late 1970 killed 250, and I was in Lima for the "mild" earthquake of 1971, and I was in Huacho when the Salinas earthquke of 1972 killed 50.

I can tell you one very interesting post-earthquake story from Trujillo, Peru in the winter of 1970-71 of which I was an eye-witness. This can be verified by Elder Whitney Clayton who was then a District Leader of one of two Trujillo districts, and Branch President of the Trujillo 3rd Branch at the time.

The missionaries and members had gathered with a large group of friends and investigators in the cultural hall of the Trujillo chapel to watch the film "Los Tres Testigos," a Spanish dubbed version of "The Three Witnesses." Right after showing the film, the lights went out before the refreshments were served. Black-outs were not unusual after the massive 1970 earthquake which had damaged the hydroelectric plant serving Trujillo. So some emergency candles were on hand, and were lit to help guide people about.

Meanwhile two elders were rushed off through the dark streets to buy more candles at a corner "tienda" while the remaining elders quielty retired to the dark chapel and formed a prayer circle. They each took a turn being voice, praying earnestly for electricity. Miraculously, the lights in the Trujillo church came on, and to everyone's amazement, Mormon and non-member alike, the event was completed in brilliant light. Some who were leaving, were ushered back in from the dark for refreshments.

God bless,

Bro. Christian