From Walter Terry: Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 My good friend President Goodnow is the Mission President for the El Salvador Mission. I just got this copy of an e-mail that he sent out to the parent of his missionary that he has address for, Letting then know of the safety of their missionary after the hurricane damage in their area. I know there are others that he does not have the address for but may have family mender who read the Gems. If this is the kind of news that you would have for the Gems pleases pass the word on.
Dear Parents and Friends:

We are writing a short note to tell you that the rains have come and gone. The wind and rain was different and much stronger then the people are used to here. The mudslides, high rivers and trees falling into the streets have been the worst problems. There are many people homeless, many in need of food and clothing and many people putting together relief efforts. We made sure our missionaries were safe first Saturday night and then Sunday we started to account for the members and those that needed help. Our mission wasn't hit as hard as other parts of Central America. There are many Latin missionaries who are still waiting to hear word from their families in Honduras and Nicaragua but will have to wait until the phones in those countries are working again. We know that some members have lost homes but we haven't heard word of any deaths among members yet.

We were grateful that all of our missionaries are safe and well. Many have expressed a desire to call home to tell their parents not to worry; that all is well but we hope that this note will help comfort those that are concerned. The work continues to move forth even when obstacles fall in our path. Sister Goodnow and I are spending the week in conferences to have an opportunity to talk with each missionary and to pass out those chocolate chip cookies they all love. We are grateful for your prayers and letters of support. Thank you.

God Bless,

President Goodnow