From Jon Wright: From 1961-64 I was in the South German Mission. One of my companions was Marcellus Snow, a decendant of Lorenzo Snow. Elder Snow was a linguist who studied his scriptures in various languages, and who was to play a significant role in the reopening of the work in Italy. At the time, the German "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle) was underway, as Germany rebuilt from the war. This rebuilding created more jobs than the war-decimated work force could provide, so temporary workers were imported from Italy, Turkey and other countries. Our mission president, Blithe M. Gardner, saw a great opportunity among the tens of thousands of Italian men working in Germany. He called Elder Snow to head up an Italian district. Elder Snow taught himself Italian and translated pamphlets and other materials into Italian. The district was formed and began teaching the Italian "Gastarbeiter" (guest workers). The district had good success, and as these Italian members repatriated, they formed the membership base of the church in Italy. It is my understanding that having these resident, native, members in Italy was a factor in the church gaining recoginition in Italy and receiving approval to proselyte.