After receiving his call to serve as mission president, and before arriving in Central America in 1952, Gordon M. Romney experienced a dream. "I dreamed I saw a man walking ahead of me. As I walked behind this individual I observed that he had on a rather home-spun coat, sort of a brownish gray, coarse in texture. His head dress was a combination of a hat and a cap. It was kind of turned up. I walked a little distance behind this man. He was short of stature, not as tall as I was. Try as I could, I was unable to catch up with him. He was always going before me. Finally he just disappeared."

While touring Central America with Elders Spencer W. Kimball and Bruce R. McConkie, President Romney shared his dream with the brethren. Elder Kimball said, "Well, I think that vision or dream you had was real." He testified that the Lord was sending someone ahead of President Romney to prepare the way for the missionaries in Central America. This was found to be true in many instances. (From Gordon M. Romney oral history, 12)

In about 1954, some elders tracting in Guatemala City met a man named Ruperto Navarro. He had been a minister in The Church of God. He said to the elders, "Why have you been so long finding me? I know you have been here for five years." The elders were somewhat confused, but listened to his story.

Ruperto explained that five year earlier, at his little shoe repair shop, a stranger came to his door. This man sat in his doorway and taught him for almost the whole afternoon. The stranger testified that he was a man of God and that the true gospel of Jesus Christ had been restored to earth. He told Ruperto that missionaries would be along and teach him the gospel. He warned him that he should listen, because they would teach him the true gospel. This is why Ruperto had asked the elders why it had taken them five years to find him.

Ruperto also shared with the elders a dream that he had received. He had even preached about this dream or vision in his own church. He had received information in this dream that Zion would be reestablished and that it would be to the north, not in Jerusalem. He said to the elders: "Here your Church comes right out and categorically says that the new Zion shall be established in [Jackson County, Missouri]. This is straight north from Guatemala, exactly north. I saw this in a dream, and it is true -- no question about it." (From Gordon M. Romney oral history, 30)

On another occasion, in village of Totonicapan, the missionaries found a poor, young Indian sitting in his lean-to. His name was Fermin Chuk. He told the missionaries that some time ago a stranger had come to his door and taught principles and told him that soon missionaries would come into Totonicapan to teach him the gospel. He readily accepted the gospel. He later became one of the first missionaries to be called from Totonicapan. (Ibid.)

On another occasion, the Lord prepared the way for the missionaries in San Marcos, Guatemala:

President Romney related: "I remember an 88-year-old fellow there who joined the Church. He finally became an elder, and he told me, 'I have fourteen people in the town of San Marcos in northern Guatemala. They have signed a petition that they wanted the missionaries to come and preach the Gospel to them.' I immediately took him to San Marcos in my car. We visited the town, and those who had signed the petition, and then we made arrangements to hire a hall the following Saturday.

We tracted the town, and the next Saturday I took this 88-year-old elder back with me. We went out into the country to visit a schoolteacher to tell her that we were holding a conference that Saturday night, and she was down by the river bathing and washing her clothes. We thought that was unusual, but she said, 'I knew that you were coming today.' I said, "How did you know?' She said 'I saw in a dream or a vision that you and Elder Maldonado were coming today, and that you would hold a conference here in San Marcos tonight. That is why I am here bathing and cleaning in order that I might attend. I saw him coming as a small boy, leading the missionaries here into San Marcos. The Spirit told me that you would bring the elders here and preach the Gospel, and that you would hold a conference here tonight.'" (Gordon M. Romney, General Conference April 1957)