From Delyle Nielsen: In late 1957 or early 1958, I had only been on my mission in Central America a short time. I was working in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. We received word from the mission president that Elder Hugh B. Brown, of the Council of the Twelve, was going to be visiting our mission. We were told that all the missionaries in Guatemala were to gather at the mission home for a meeting with Elder Brown.

We caught the bus on the appointed day, and headed for Guatemala City. It was a very interesting ride down the winding mountain roads. In Guatemala the bus drivers believed they were saving electricity by turning off their head lights when they aren't really necessary, so we drove many miles by moon light, only turning on the lights when we met another vehicle or the driver couldn't see the road ahead.

The meeting was held in the Guatemala City Chapel. [See the story of this chapel at -- DaveC.]

A large group of missionaries were gathered. When Elder Brown stood to speak he told us of several experiences he'd had as an officer in the Canadian Military. At one point he stopped and gazed up into the heavens and said that he knew this was God's Kingdom on earth for he had seen the light and heard the voice. We were all covered with goose bumps. Then he went on to say that he was having a vision in which he could see many of those present holding important positions in the church. He said he could see Bishops, Stake Presidents and even General Authorities from among that group.

Later in life I was called to be a Bishop, one of my companions was called to be a Stake President and seated in that meeting was Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen, now a member of the Seventy. Elder Brown's vision and prophecy has certainly come true. I'm sure there were others who served as Bishops and Stake Presidents also but I have no knowledge of them. The spirit was very, very strong in that meeting and we could feel the presence of the Lord and felt that He was very close.