From Ken Bush: The First Presidency announced in early 1975 that the first area general conference of the Church ever to be held in Korea would be scheduled for August that year. As missionaries we were thrilled to have so many of the general authorities come to that part of the orient for such a momentous occasion. I was serving in the public relations office of the Korea Seoul Mission at the time and it fell to me and my companion, Elder Bruce Park to organize much of the media coverage and to make many of the arrangements for the conference.

I was also to serve as a translator for the general authorities, speaking the English as the Korean speaker gave his talk in his native language.

There was so much excitement as President Kimball and the other general authorities arrived on that warm August day.

The conference was a huge success. The Korean saints were so grateful to the leadership of the Church for coming so far to be with them. Thousands gathered in a mammoth stadium in Seoul to attend the two-day conference.

I had so hoped to shake President Kimball's hand at some point during the conference but for security reasons he was generally kept away from crowds.

On the third day, as the general authorities were preparing to leave the Chosun Hotel for the airport, I and Elder Chris Waddups were manning an information table in the lobby of the hotel. We had various Church literature there and were assigned to answer questions of those passing through that area of the hotel. I knew this was the last day, the last chance to shake his hand. I said a prayer that if it be possible for me and my companion to shake the prophet's hand, please make the way open.

After many of the authorities had left, President Kimball came by our table with several others. My heart sank as he passed us. I knew my last chance to meet the prophet was over.

Just as he approached the revolving door, he stopped short, paused and turned our direction. He then walked directly toward us, reaching out his hand said, "You look like a couple of missionaries to me." We each enjoyed his firm handshake as he briefly greeted us.

There is no doubt in my mind that our prayer was answered; that as President Kimball approached the door to leave a small voice whispered to him that there were two very disappointed missionaries directly behind him. In his kind, generous way he followed the prompting.

Though our meeting was but for a brief moment, I'll never forget what a caring person President Kimball was, whether to the thousands of Korean saints who gathered to hear his words, or two missionaries who wanted to shake his hand.