During his teenage year in the 1960s, Eduardo A. Lamartine, who was born in San Antonio, Chile, first came in contact with the missionaries of the Church when they knocked on the door of his home. He later said: "I was religious as a child, "When I read the pamphlet with Joseph Smith's testimony, I felt something special." His parents were not interested in the Church at that time and Eduardo did not continue to meet with the missionaries. But he said: "I always felt that special feeling in my heart about the testimony of Joseph Smith."

A few years later, a friend again introduced him to the missionaries, and he was taught the lessons in homes of members. He said, "I had a beautiful experience." He was baptized on September 6, 1968, at the age of nineteen. Brother Lamartine became a strong member of the Church in Chile and quickly served in many leadership callings. He married Luisa Esther Maureira and they have two children.

In 1976, after only eight years in the Church, and at the age of twenty-seven, he was called to serve as the first stake president of the Quilpue Chile Stake. In 1979 he was the president of the new Villa Alemana Chile Stake. He worked in the Church Education System and would serve as the area director. After his release as a stake president, he served as a regional representative. In 1988, he was called to serve as the president of the Chile Vina del Mar Mission. He remarked at that time that "many hearts are being touched by the gospel in this land. There are some who don't understand the truth, but little by little they are changing." (Church News July 2, 1988)

After his mission, in 1994, Brother Lamartine was again called as a regional representative and in 1995, he was called as an Area Authority in the South America South Area. During that year he spoke at a "grand and emotional" meeting in Santiago attended by 1,000 Saints to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the creation of the first branch in Chile. (Church News Sept 2, 1995)

In 1996, Elder Lamartine was called to serve as second counselor in the Chile Area. On November 11, 1996, he was privileged to accompany President Gordon B. Hinckley at an area conference in Santiago. About 48.000 people attended this conference. On this occasion, President Hinckley said: "We love you. We love you very much. We love the Saints of Chile. I have watched you grow in this land. I came here first when this was not a separate mission. There was a little handful of Saints. Now you have become a mighty people, nearly 50,000 of you in this conference today. How marvelously you have grown." (Church News Nov 23, 1996)

Elder Eduardo A. Lamartine, now an Area Authority Seventy, is one of those dedicated Chilean Saints who has spent his life building up the Church in Chile.