From Richard James: I volunteered for the draft toward the end of the Korean War. The army took me seriously and that's where I ended up. I was in Yong San - then a suburb of Seoul. Devistation was everywhere. No building was without bullet holes - many bullet holes. Because it was 8th army hq area, there was a (quonset hut) chapel there for all churches, but LDS had a schedule - one universal meeting per week. I can still remember the sacrament water having the taste of army canteen water. My duties kept me from most services but I attended a few.

Apostle Lee came over with one other general authority and spoke at a special service. I had never seen him before - just his pictures - but he was recognizable except for one thing: because it was a war zone, he had to wear fatigues. They were newer than mine and had a special insignia, but they were the same duds I wore everyday. By introduction the speaker said apostle Lee should feel welcome as 1/3 of all Koreans are named "Lee", with 1/3 being "Kim" and all other names making up the remaining 1/3.