From: Harold and Margene Severson :

We were called to be missionaries in the Trinidad-Tobago mission to serve in Guyana in 1992. There had been only a few couples before us in that country and we replaced Elder and Sister Taylor, who had followed the Jacksons and Allens. There were sixty Elders who had served in Guyana at that time - 10 to 14 at a time. There were 130 members when we arrived in Guyana and 270 when we left in December of 1993.

After we had been there only two months, we were asked by the mission president, President J. Richard Toolson to arrange a luncheon for Elder Stephen D. Nadauld of the Seventy, who would be coming for a visit to Guyana. We, along with [branch] President LatchmanSingh, decided to invite every official of the government that would come, as well as heads of businesses in Georgetown. We were pleased that the President of the Guyana, the Prime minister, the Chief Justice, and many other heads of government and business accepted our invitation. Full-time missionaries Elders Bell and Leavitt set up an excellent display, and gifts of the Book of Mormon and a Family Home Evening Manual were given to everyone. After President Toolson and Elder Nadauld spoke, President Hoyte, the president of Guyana, spoke and promised religious freedom in the country of Guyana.

We were able to distribute a shipment of text books to over twenty schools and libraries in the country, as well as medical supplies to the three main hospitals in Georgetown. Also included were shipments of powdered milk and flour which we personally distributed to needy people and agencies. Many government officials were helpful in seeing that the textbooks could be brought into the country duty-free and that we could still have control of their distribution.

It was quite an adventure to live in this small third world country but the people, especially those that joined the church, were and are very dear to us. We understand there are now three branches in the Georgetown area. We were able to send out the first missionaries from that country. We were also able to arrange for the first couple to come to the US to be sealed in the temple.