From Kirk Magleby: In 1974 my companion and I were returning from our missions to Peru and had a layover in Mexico City, so we decided to ride the subway and visit some of the local attractions. As we approached a ticket kiosk in a downtown metro station, the bright young lady seated there grinned and asked us "Son Ustedes Mormones?" (Are you Mormons?) "Claro que si!" we responded (You bet we are!) "Yo, tambien!" she replied enthusiastically. (Me too!) In that moment of brotherly love and joy we both instinctively reached out our hands for a missionary handshake but the heavy plate glass window of the kiosk stood between us. I managed to wiggle one finger through the little hole where she passed tokens to customers and she shook my index finger. "Que Dios le bendiga" (May God bless you) we smiled as we left to board the train. "Igualmente" (the same to you) she smiled back.