During January, 1959, Elder Milton R. Hunter of the Seventy toured the Central American Mission with President Edgar Wagner. While in Guatemala City, Elder Hunter attended a Sacrament meeting during which a new convert, Daniel Mich, told a wonderful conversion story.

Daniel Mich lived in Patzicia, Guatemala. In about 1950 an Indian rebellion occurred in the town against government officials. Many people were murdered during the night. Elder Hunter related: "Daniel Mich had taken no part in the rebellion; however, the government officials thought he was guilty. The Spirit of God whispered to him and told him and his brother to flee to the mountains and hide in a certain place. If they did not, they would be killed. They did as the Spirit instructed. As they arrived at the hiding place suggested by the Spirit, they lay on a ledge and looked over the precipice. Below them they could see the government officials searching for them along the mountainside.

"A number of Indians were captured at this time and put to death. Daniel Mich and his brother stayed in seclusion for two years, but finally they were also captured. Conditions had changed during the two years to the extent that the Mich brothers were not killed but were thrown into prison. For four long years they lay in prison, living under the most terrible conditions. Their clothing wore out. They had a scant amount of bedding. It was very cold and the jail was unheated. The caretakers of the prison gave them very little food; in fact, they practically starved to death. And to make matters much worse, Daniel Mich received word from his wife that she and the children were practically starved to death. During the six years' time that he was in hiding and in prison, they had not been able to make a livelihood.

"In desperation, and, of course, in great grief, Daniel Mich kneeled down and prayed to God, pleading that the Eternal Father would be merciful unto him and let him die. He also prayed that the Lord would extend his mercy unto his wife and children, that they all might soon die. He pleaded with the Lord to release him and his family members from the misery and suffering that they were enduring.

"But God did not let them die. Instead, Daniel Mich had a vision, or a dream, or whatever it might be called. He was going up the side of a steep mountain on a definitely defined trail. He came to a place where a side trail forked off the main trail. A man stood on the side trail and said, 'Follow me.' Daniel Mich replied, 'No, I cannot follow you. I must follow this trail straight ahead.' He went some distance farther, and another man stood on another side trail He also said, 'Follow me.' And again Daniel Mich replied, 'No, I cannot follow you. I must go straight ahead.' This experience repeated itself three or four times.

"Daniel Mich explained, 'Finally I came to the summit, and there standing in front of me was a tall, handsome man, with beautiful white hair. He had a very kindly and beautiful smile. This man said to me, "Daniel, follow me." I replied, "I will follow you," because as I made that remark, the Spirit of God whispered to me and said, "That man has the truth."'"

Shortly after receiving this dream or vision, Daniel Mich and his brother were released from jail. They returned to their home town, Patzicia. In about 1958, missionaries came to their town. For many years no missionaries had been placed in the town because of fears for their safety. On the first day the missionaries finally arrived, a little short old woman chased them out of town with "a stick as long as she was tall." That night serious plans were made to harm the elders.

It was not long thereafter that the mayor sent for the missionaries. When they arrived at his office, a crowd of about two hundred Indians had gathered and they parted "like the Red Sea" as the elders went into the mayor's office. The mayor explained that a petition had been signed by two hundred citizens demanding that the missionaries leave immediately. The missionaries explained that they could not leave until instructed to leave by their mission president. The mayor could not figure out what to do. One of the elders suggested that he telephone the governor for instructions. The mayor did this and was told by the governor to leave the missionaries alone, that they had a right to teach their religion in the town.

Elder Hunter continued the story: "After this favorable solution of the problem, the missionaries came out of the mayor's office. Once again they described the crowd, stating that it opened as the Red Sea opened for the Israelites. The elders passed between those two long lines of Indians. As they arrived at the edge of the crowd, two men approached them and said, 'Will you come to our homes and talk to us?' One of the men was Daniel Mich.

"The missionaries were happy to accept the invitation. They went to Daniel Mich's home and taught him the gospel. He received all they taught with much faith and sincerity. They taught him only three or four lessons when a very important event occurred. One day while in the midst of one of the lessons, one of the missionaries opened his book, and Daniel Mich saw a photograph of a tall, handsome man with beautiful white hair.

"Brother Mich immediately and excitedly exclaimed, 'This is the man! It is he whom I saw!'

"Of course the missionaries wondered what he was talking about, and so they questioned him. In response he told them the wonderful story which I have just told you good people today. Then Daniel Mich asked, 'Who is this man whose photograph you have in your book?'

"'His name is David O. McKay,' the missionaries replied. 'He is the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is God's holy prophet, seer, and revelator upon the earth at the present time. He is the man who holds the keys of the kingdom of God and stands as Christ's representative in the true Church and the leader in spreading the true gospel of Jesus Christ.'

"In deep sincerity Daniel Mich replied, 'I know that all of the things you have told me are true. I know that you missionaries have the true gospel of Jesus Christ.' Then he asked, 'Do you know why I invited you to come to my home that day as you came out of the mayor's office?' 'Of course we do not know but would certainly like to know,' they replied.

"Then Daniel Mich explained, 'At the time that the tall, handsome man with beautiful white hair -- whom you have told me was President David O. McKay -- said to me, "Daniel, follow me," the Spirit of the Lord whispered to me and said, "This man has the truth." The Spirit also said, "Two young men will bring you the truth", and when you came into our town recently and began to teach your religion, I became curious. I had been watching you and attempting to find out all about you that I could. When the citizens of Patzicia signed the petition to have you thrown out of town and when you called to see the mayor, I joined the crowd in front of the mayor's office to see what would take place. And now,' he said, 'all the things that I believed have been verified. I know that David O. McKay is a prophet of God. I also know that you have the true religion of Jesus Christ.'"

(Sources: Milton R. Hunter, Conference Report, October 1959; Gordon M. Romney oral history.)