From Ken Burton: When I arrived on my mission to Mexico, Southeast in late 1973, it included everything in Mexico south of Mexico City. The mission was experiencing 130 baptisms a month. I remember in a zone conference in Poza Rica (North of Veracruz), President Benjamin Parra saying that now was the time to find the future leaders of the Church. Find them. Baptize them. Encourage them to find their place. There would be many who would be called to join by the missionaries. Some would choose to flourish in the gospel and many would not find their place. Don't worry. Find them and let them choose.

When I was released in 1975, the mission was baptizing 2000 each month. President Parra was released and the mission was divided into FIVE. When President Hinckley visited Mexico last year, he visited cities with at least stake where there had been branch es 25 years ago. One of my friends in Mexico says that with the growth of leadership, the emphasis has now turned to finding those that could not find their place then ... and they are coming back in great numbers. (Antonio Flores, Tuxtla Gutierrez)