From Bill Luckow: I served in Nicaragua in late 1977, right as the revolution (war) was beginning. What sad times those were, seeing the degredation of society. If you've never seen it, the attitude of people during a civil war, was very similar to what we saw happen in los angeles california a few years back: lots of people simply took advantage of thier neighbors, when they realized that the law was not going to stop them. (what happened in Los Angeles in a few hours, took several months in Nicaragua, but the devestation was the same, only longer lasting.) Sadness came as ones missionary efforts seemed to be ignored, and the people seamed headed towards thier own destruction.

On another note, traveling through downtown Managua, and seeing literaly miles and miles of criss-crossing roads and streets, with absolutely no buildings or structures (all were destroyed in the '72 Dec earthquake), the stark reality of what earthly forces could be unleashed, on those who would not follow the Lord. May we all be appropriately warned.

Reading the notes you've sent on Nicaragua, also shows how the church was so negatively affected during those times, with so few remaining faithfull during those years. So sad.