From William Goddard: [This history was submitted by William Goddard of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Taken from "A History of the Mormons In The Hamilton Area 1833-1990" by William Goddard.]

I have several experiences I could relate that have meant a great deal to me in my life. I think I'll take the earliest one of my membership in the church. In December, 1925 I had applied for baptism in the church. At the same time Keith was just two months old and he was very small for his age and hadn't been too well. He had considerable trouble with his digestion, and adjusting proper feeding for him. I was concerned about him because it was cold weather and we had some very bad storms at the time.

At that time we had to go to Toronto to be baptized. The night before we were to go to Toronto for my baptism I was not just sure in my mind whether it was doing the right thing. So I prayed to my Father in heaven if he would tell me I was to do this thing, I would have proper weather to take the baby to Toronto and that no harm would befall him. The next morning when I woke up there was a terrible wind blowing around the house and it just sounded as if we were having a terrible storm outside and I said to your father, I said: "Oh Frank, listen to that, I can't take that little baby to Toronto on a day like this."

We had to travel to the TH&B station, where it is now, then we had to take the train into Toronto, and we had to travel by street car in those days to the municipal baths were we would be baptized. So I said to him; "This is an impossible thing to take this little baby like that out in such terrible weather." He said: "Get up and get ready maybe it will be better after all". He himself got out of bed and went downstairs. He went outside and he called me and said come downstairs and see what it is like. So I went downstairs and opened the door. There was no wind blowing, there was no storm, it was a beautiful mild day and I went to Toronto to be baptized in the municipal baths.

And when I came to the water - Elder Jepson baptized me - he entered the water. When I came to the steps to go down into the water I took the first step down and could go no farther. It was just as if something was holding me back. I couldn't move. I was right there until the mission president - President Quinney at the time - came over and asked what was wrong. I told him what was wrong and they put their hands on my head and prayed to relieve this trouble so that I could be baptized. And I was able to go in the water and be baptized. That same day my baby was blessed. . . .

Satan could see that if I was to join the Church there would be many more stalwart souls in the gospel and that if he could keep me from joining the church it would make no difference what Frank could do. All these spirits which were to come though my line would not have the opportunity.