From Jeri James: [We received the following submission from Jeri James who lived in Puerto Rico when the missionaries arrived in 1964.]

Our family was among those first pioneers there in the 1960's. In fact, we (the Lynn James family) met the first missionaries at the airport in San Juan and brought them to our house for their first night's sleep before they were launched on their island mission! I can remember one of them asking us if we had a King or what? They also asked what kind of currency we used! Obviously, that was before the missionaries were prepared and trained before being sent abroad. We attempted to tell them about the Commonwealth status with the US.

In 1960 when we first arrived in PR there were only a few families meeting in homes, Gardiner and Dorothy Russell, Bill and Yoly Fatheringham, William and Christine Burke, Ed and Rebecca Fraticelli, Ilka Frau, Al and Mildred Entwistle, and Lynn and Jeri James. These families eventually moved into the old condemned buildings at Fort Belvoir that no one else would use and there we held our first Sacrament meetings outside of our homes.

Then, later on, we progressed considerable, when we were granted the use of the beautiful, historic chapel at El Morrow. NOW we had a real chapel to use. Later on we were there to enjoy the dedication of the very first chapel in Villa Caparro. NOW we had our very OWN chapel! Our family shall never forget the beautiful sunrise baptisms in the Caribbean Ocean just off the San Juan coastline.

All three of our children, Julie, Janine and Jeffrey enjoyed this very unique setting for their baptisms. We have pictures that we treasure. Now, some 35 years later - the Russells and Jeri James along with Pam Pellegrino who was baptized in our swimming pool there in Puerto Rico - we are all temple workers in the new exquisite Orlando temple. One of their first temple visits by the Puerto Rican Saints, before entering the temple, they sang in chorus outside the doors, many lovely songs and, of course, "Come, Come, Ye Saints" resonated even inside the temple walls. Truly the voices of angels opened the temple doors that day. Now, we are there to greet our brothers and sisters from Puerto Rico whenever they visit! What a choice experience and privilege it is to serve them!