From Joseph R. Goodman: I served in Puerto Rico from April '79 to May '81. Receiving my call was interesting in itself. My Dad had dreamed that I would be called to serve in Puerto Rico. (I didn't know this until later.) When my call arrived, it was to the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission. However, within two weeks of leaving the MTC, Elder Larkin and I were advised that our calls had been changed to the newly created Puerto Rico San Juan Mission.

One of the areas I served was Carolina de las Piedras, where I was companions with Elder Mishon. We decided that since we had not been experiencing very much success, and had few families to teach, we would do something rather different. We decided to break the mission record for "Golden Questions" asked in a month. This was the practice of approaching people on the street, engaging them in a gospel conversation, and asking them if they wanted to learn more.

We began the doing this during November 1979. By the end of the month we had broken the record with 480 G.Q.'s. One of those, at the end of the month, was a man named Jose Tirado. He invited us to his home. To make a long story short, he and his family were baptized within two weeks. A symbol of their strength was demonstrated in that they missed a family reunion in Mayaguez to be baptized. We didn't know this until later. They were a great family.

One year later, the mission was split again. I was in Dominican Republic and was transferred back to Puerto Rico. It now had its own mission. I returned to Carolina de las Piedras. In December 1980, President Ezra Taft Benson came and organized the first stake and district in Puerto Rico. Brother Tirado was ordained one of the first Bishops in that stake. He, along with the Stake Presidency and other Bishops and District Presidency were flown to Salt Lake to attend General Conference. His family then went to Salt Lake that summer and received their endowments and were sealed.

I have lost touch with them for many years and do not know their current status but it was a wonder thing to be a part of and to witness.