From Bryan Hillstead: I served in the greatest mission in the world Puerto Rico from 3-93 to 3-95 I recall my very first night on the Island My compaion and I were out getting groceries we had locked our bikes to the railing and went in to get our food for the week.

Upon returning to our bikes I found that my seat had been taken. My companion chuckled, so I fastened my groceries to the handle bars of my bike and proceeded towards home.

Standing up to peddle was not fun because the weight of the groceries was pulling me left then right again and again. The roads in Puerto Rico are not exactly bicycle safe, so I tried my hardest to stay out of the road. Horns were blarring in my left ear my companion was 20 feet ahead of me and I was scared.

Well needless to say I made it home safely I asked the owner of our apartment for the seat off their bike, they gladly offered it to me I was so greatful for that. After putting our food in the house we had an apointment to go to. On our way to the apointment while following my senior companion I could hear a hissing noise as I neared myself to my companion I realized the hissing noise was coming from his rear bicycle tire.

So after realizing that we were not going to make it to the apointment my companion had set a few days prior we decided to stop and talk to anyone we saw. We first came into contact with a mecanic, while listening to the conversation Elder Youngman was having with him I could not understand a word until they said "adios" a few days later we checked back on him and he let us enter his home to talk about the restored gospel. Still a few weeks later the only word that I was able to understand was adios(goodbye) we only returned a couple more times to his home and from what my companion told me. He knew that what we were saying was true because we were only 19 and 20 years old, leaving our homes back in the U.S to come to Puerto Rico and tell him about our message.

It was family pressure that impided that man from continuing on. What a frustrating night to have your seat taken then to have your companion get a flat tire but at the same time a great night because we met a great individual that appreciated our caring message. I will never forget that man's face or his expressions granted I never understood a word he said but I still remember what we all felt there at his home that first night I was in Puerto Rico.