We received some e-mail from Frank Sampson , who is a member of the Church in Barbados. Frank is a freelance photographer and his wife Susan is an accounts manager for a real estate company. They have a son Stuart who is attending the University of West Indies, and a son Justin in high school. Brother Sampson and his wife joined the Church in Barbados in 1987. They have lived in Barbados for thirty years.

In the LDS-Gems history for Barbados (Part 4), we shared a story that was told in the Church News of a temple excursion of Saints to the Washington D.C. Temple. Brother Sampson and his family were part of this group. The Sampson family was the family of four mentioned, that are members of the Christ Church Branch.

Brother Sampson wrote to LDS-Gems:

In the late 70's when the Church was first here there was a lot of anti-Mormon sentiments expressed. There were some public meetings etc. and I remember the feature speaker being an inactive church member. However, most items in Barbados usually end up being nine-days wonders and this also proved to be the case in this instance. In recent times except for the odd chasing of a missionary, with a machete for persuasion, there has been no real public anti-mormon drives. As a matter of fact, the local Mormon choir was invited to sing on national TV under the direction of President Eldon Wood, a former mission President; and, more recently, the sacrament meeting of the branch (the Christ Church Branch) of which I'm a member, was carried on the government radio station June 14 this year.
Brother Sampson mentioned that pioneer member, John Naime is now the Gospel Doctrine teacher in the Christ Church Branch, after serving for 13-14 years as Branch President.