From Cindy Tredgold: George Bogner Jr. and Jane E. Wooley, his wife began their mission to South America in March of 1964. George had become known well in his community for his integrity in the skills of carpentry and master contractor. They were called as building missionaries and were sent to Brazil and Chile to build chapels for the saints.

On one occasion they had truck problems while out in the middle of "nowhere", the only life seemed to be some llamas feeding on some brush. After prayer Jane looked up to see a man approach with no shoes and dressed in gray clothing ... where he came from no one could discern. He stopped and talked to the missionaries that were with George and Jane in their native language, as George's and Jane's Portuguese was not that refined yet. He asked the missionaries if they had any wire and they answered "no", so he went to the bushes and came back with some wire from the fencing nearby.

The Stranger worked on George's truck and got it started and in all the goings on no one noticed that the stranger left and could not see where he had gone.

The mechanic who worked on the truck the next day wanted to know who fixed the truck with wire. All George could tell them was a man had happened by and did it. The mechanic could not understand how the truck would work with this wire and yet it was running.

As fairly new members of the church George and Jane had never heard of the three nephites and were quite amazed when someone suggested that this might be the answer to the help they received.

Three of the chapels George built were within driving distance of Porta Alegra. In order to fulfill the schedule Salt Lake had in mind for these chapels George had to put a stop to the common practice of taking naps in the afternoon. He also returned money to Salt Lake that went unspent by the project.

Prayer had an important part in building the chapels with the inadequate tools George had to work with. On one occasion the walls were wavy and needed to be smooth and straight. He and Jane prayed and he came away from the prayer with an answer on how to make it right. He went to work and the walls were up to his standards, and the Lords.

George became sick and continued to work on the chapels and convinced the authorities from Salt Lake that he was fine. He became even more ill until it became clear to Jane ... and George, that they must go home. On January 4th, 1967 (his granddaughters birthday) they boarded a plane for the states, but before the plane could leave Lima Peru, George passed away and Jane stayed with him in this condition all the way home.

George and Jane Bogner joined the church and sacrificed everything. He loved the Lord and loved to build and took pride in his work. Two of his three children joined the church. The third passed away and has had his work done for him in the temple. They have 9 grandchildren ... 6 of them members and 18 great-grandchildren.

Submitted by: Cindy (Smith) Thredgold 1st Granddaughter of George and Jane on whose birthday he passed away Mesa, Arizona