From Robert L. Sykes: I spend 13 months in Korea from Nov 1968 to Dec 1969 and had a great experience in Seoul at the end of my tour. My unit Commander allowed me to spend my last ten days in Seoul. I thought it would be nice to visit the Mission Home while I was there, so I called and ask for directions. Sister Slover answered the phone and ask where I was and a few minutes later she picked me up and took me to the Mission Home. I met President Robert H. Slover and his son, who was serving a Mission there also. I spent a couple of days there as a house guest. It was a great ending to my service in Korea. President Slover had a need for English Book of Mormon, so I was able to ship him a box of them when I got back to Fort Bliss, Texas. What a great blessing it is to have family all over the world as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ.