From Dorian Page: In 1973 Elder Brian Kuenue (from Oklahoma City) and I were companions in the mission home in Guatemala. Each evening after dinner we would spend a couple of hours tracting around the neighborhoods close to the mission home. One evening we were having our usual lack of success -- only talking to maids who would not let us through to the owners of the homes (we talked mostly through speakers in the outside walls).

It was like so many stories -- it was late, we were tired, and it was dark. We had not had any fruitful contacts and we had just about decided to give it up as we came to a dark side street. But we felt the urge to continue on.

After three houses down the street with no success, we pushed the bell on the home of Augusto and Amelia Condie. To our great surprise he came out the door and asked us what he could do for us. We told him who we were and that we would like to tell him of the restored gospel. He invited us in his home. As we began to discuss the gospel, he said he would like us to come back when his wife and son were home.

When we taught the entire family the first discussion, we left them a copy of the Book of Mormon with the invitation to read selected scriptures. A couple of days later Amelia showed up at the mission home and asked for us. We invited her in. She told us that she had read the entire Book of Mormon and asked if we had other books like it that she could read. By the time we had taught the family the remaining discussions, she read it again.

We baptized the Condies and they received immediately received callings to serve in the Church. Years went by with some letters. Then I lost touch with them. One day as I sat in the bishop's office in a college ward, I was wondering about Brother and Sister Condie, and Sergio, their son. I thought, "I'll bet he's a bishop down there.", so I looked in the church directory of Bishops and sure enough, there he was. I immediately fired off a letter and received one in return.

The next time I heard from Sergio Condie was when the Guatemala temple was built. He was called to serve as a counselor in that first Temple Presidency. Each time I hear from them, I am so glad we decided to continue down "just one more street."