From Harry and Betty Tippetts: In August 1983 I had finished a 2 year work assignment in Greece and we were touring Europe before returning home. We had been having trouble with our used Peugeot and had to have it fixed by the time we had were visiting the Swiss Temple. The problem turned out to be major and we delayed a week. One day we had just finished a session and we we resting on a bench on the temple grounds when we noticed a young couple coming up the hill from the railroad station carrying the largest bag we had ever saw between them. They came up and joined us on the bench to catch their breath. The young man asked in very good english, "Are you Latter Day Saints"? to which we answered in the affirmative. He responded with, "So are we and we are here for our celestial marriage". They had spent two days by train coming from Milan, Italy. I complimented him on his English and he told us he had learned to speak English from his American missionary companion. I then ask if he had a successful mission to which he replied very humbly, "Yes, but first I had to learn how to love". We count this as one of the choice experience of our trip.