From Chris J. Frogley: We had the privilege of living in Italy from 1982-1985 Where I had a practice as a Chiropractor. We lived in the town of Perugia. There was no unit of the church near by so we attended church in Florence where we soon made many wonderful friends.

While there an area conference was organized to be held in Milan at which Elder Nelson, a newly called member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, was to preside. The first date that was set was snowed out but the second dated proved to be wonderful weather and we made the trip with many other dedicated members of the church.

The leadership meeting Saturday night was wonderful with a magnificent spirit and much needed instruction to the Italian Leadership. We hung on every word from the leaders that had come from so far away and were well blessed. Sunday morning was a beautiful day. We met in an older theater and were in good number. The conference moved along at a normal pace with several good talks. The visiting general authorities, as was usually the case, used a skilled translater who usually translated not only the words but the spirit of the speaker.

Finally the moment arrived for which we had all waited. Elder Nelson took the podium. After speaking for sometime and giving much wonderful and inspiring information, he caused some real expectation when he suddenly announced that with the prayers of the congregation and the will of Heavenly Father, he wished to address the members directly. With that, he asked the treanslator to take his seat. For the next 15 minutes Elder Nelson addressed the congregation in perfect Italian. To those of us that were Americans he spoke garamatically correct but was obviously an American speaking in good italian. The spirit was electrifying and we knew that we were experiencing a rare experience of the gift of tongues. This in and of itself was a miricle. But, the miracle was added to the next week.

While speaking to the members the next Sunday in church we mentioned the choice experience of the conference. They quickly agreed expressing their delight at having experienced such a miracle but what was amazing to them was that Elder Nelson, to them, had spoken without an accent! Not only gramatically correct, but no american accent. The spirit burned within our hearts as we realized that not only the gift of tongues but to receive in tongues was well. What a wonderful memory that has given us of our time in Italy.