From Reginald Dorff: In 1950, Venado Tuerto, Argentina, there were no L.D.S., except the missionaries who had established a beautiful nucleus of more than sixty friends and investigators.Sunday worship services were held, with all prayers, music, sermons, presented by the elder missionaries. During that time, la Senorita Paulina Quiriquino, previously taught by Elder Rodney Bradshaw and his companion, requested baptism on October 19, 1950.

District meetings in Rosario saw Paulina and Elders Robert Reese and Reginald Dorff in that city, December 23, 1950, where her baptism was approved. Elders Reese and Dorff were detained and unable to reach the river-side baptism on time, and President Lyman Wilson performed his first and only baptism. He traveled much on behalf of mission President Harold Brown. President Lyman was soon to complete his mission, and might have left never having baptized even one!

Early in his mission, Elder Dorff had baptized another missionary's candidate. This was his only baptism in 35 months, so the Lord has ways to "balance the books."

In 1978, the Dorff family drove round trip from Los Angeles, California, to Buenos Aires, 40,000K, and inquired in Venado Tuerto about Hermana Quiriquino. The "hermanos" said she was totally inactive.

We later found in Rosario, that Hermana Quiriquino lived there, was just released from a stake mission in which she brought 150 converts to baptism. We met and spent May 7, 1978, with her. She presently lives in Venado Tuerto, Pcia.Sta.Fe.

Correspondence between the Dorffs and Hermana Quiriquino continues through 1997--a great blessing!