[James T. Walker submitted these notes of history about his father, Clive S. Walker, an early pioneer missionary to Argentina in 1930. He passed away in 1982 at the age of 77. These notes are taken from "Manuscript History of the South America Mission" (LR 8458, Series 2) at the Church Historical Department.]

April 22, 1930 - Clive Stevenson Walker arrived in Argentina from Holliday, Utah aboard the SS "Southern Cross".

December 31, 1930 - At the end of 1930 some of the statistics for the South America Mission were as follows: 135 members. 14 Melchizedek Priesthood holders, all being full time missionaries. Two branches in all of South America, one in Buenos Aires, one in Rio de Janeiro.

March 30, 1931 Elders Clive S. Walker & Niels Marcus Peterson left Buenos Aires for a 4 day trip among nearby villages without purse or script. This was the first time that such an attempt had been made in Argentina.

April 1, 1931 - The Elders returned. They went as far as Lujan (72 Kilometers). "The people were found to be hospitable but skeptical, having very little or no education." Difficulty was encounter in finding a place to sleep. The small "peones" houses didn't have room for overnight boarders. The large homes of the wealthy were inaccessible due to walls.

June 16, 1931 - Approval was granted from church headquarters to purchase a lot in Liniers, Buenos Aires. This was to be the first church owned chapel in Argentina.

October 11, 1931 - Clive S. Walker baptized Roberto Zanardini and Carmen Alicia Meda in Buenos Aires.

November 15, 1931 - Argentina District Conference and dedication of the Liniers Branch Chapel.

February 28, 1932 - Clive S. Walker was sustained as Liniers Branch President.

June 27, 1932 - Clive S. Walker was set apart as the President of the Argentina District.

July 27, 1932 - Clive S. Walker went to Rosario to revise the mission work in that city.

August 14, 1932 The following report is in the mission history under this date:

"A special fast was held on behalf of Bro. Luigi Notaro who has been in the hospital for some time with kidney trouble. The following report is given by Elder Clive S. Walker:

"'I have been living with the Notaro family for nearly two years and know that they are good, loyal members of the Church. They have accepted the teachings of the gospel in humbleness and have done their best to obey them. Especially have they obeyed the Word of Wisdom and have received the blessings promised. Bro. Luigi Notaro left his wine and tobacco and has never used them since the day of his baptism."

"'About 3 months ago he became ill and it was necessary to call a doctor. We called Dr. Yodice who is a friend of theirs and who has known them for some years. After examining him and prescribing treatment he turned to me and said, "How much your religion has done for this man! If it were not for your religion this man would be dead, because he used to drink much wine." Later it was necessary to consult another doctor. After making his examination he said, "Now don't drink wine, nor smoke, nor drink tea nor coffee."

"'Brother Notaro replied, "Doctor, I have not done any of that for years. We are in the Gospel and do not believe in such things. We believe in keeping our bodies clean."...

"'Brother Notaro was finally taken to a hospital and was operated on. One kidney was removed. He had suffered much and it was needful to build up his strength before operating. Even though he is 64 years of age; everyone was astonished when they saw how well he withstood the operation and how quickly he recovered. He came home last Monday, October 2, 1932.

"'The above was a testimony to me of the value of the Word of Wisdom. Once more doctors have knowingly and unknowingly confirmed the revelation received by Joseph Smith.' Signed Clive S. Walker."

August 22, 1932 - Elder Walker returned to Buenos Aires from Rosario.

December 29, 1932 - Elder J. Reuben Clark of the First Quorum of the Twelve met with the Liniers Branch, Buenos Aires. (Note: As District and Branch President, Clive S. Walker would have been the presiding local authority at this meeting. This was his 28th birthday.)

March 8, 1933 - Elder Clive Stevenson Walker, President of the Argentina District and the Liniers Branch in Buenos Aires was released from his mission.

March 9, 1933 - Clive S. Walker sailed on the SS "Del Mundo" from Buenos Aires.