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February 8, 2003

The weather turned very cold during the week, so early morning runs just didn’t make sense.  Saturday turned out to be a beautiful, cold, sunny day.  In the afternoon, during the BYU-Wyoming basketball game, I decided to do a run through the foothills that separate Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.  The temperature was great, upper 20’s near 30.  I was surprised how good the legs felt.  I was able to keep a run going almost the whole three hours I was out there.

My run started from home, and took me along the base of Lake Mountain, heading west.  I found a road that headed took me half-way up the western ridge, and then I bushwhacked to the top.  Much of the ridge scrub cedar had been thinned out and taken for firewood.  When I reached the top, I took in a nice view to the east of Utah County.  I next headed over the ridge and dipped down into a valley that I didn’t know existed.  It was a nice open valley with plowed farmland.  The road took me north for a mile or so and then headed me toward a canyon leading out toward Cedar Valley.  When I existed the canyon, I could see the Eagle Mountain city center off to the south-west.  I was amazed how much it has grown in the past couple years, even a chapel.  I headed north on the dirt road that connects Eagle Mountain to the Ranches, but I quickly found that to be dull as a car passed me by.  So I headed up a 4WD road taking up to the top a high knoll, giving me a nice view of Cedar Valley and the Ranches to the north.  

From there I headed north-east going up and down foot-hills, crossing a recently buried massive natural gas pipe line that extends clear into Salt Lake County.  It went up and down the foothills and required raping the ground for about 200 feet across.  They did attempt to help the environment by laying down straw and using burlap to help erosion areas.  Quite a project. 

Feeling great still, I decided to take a longer route and headed down a canyon, leading me to the edge of the Ranches…quite a community, with two chapels and a school.  With no desire to run roads, I ran a trail along the powerlines and then looped around heading southwest to spill out on a dirt road running south along the base of the ridge, giving me a view of Saratoga Springs, the huge Church farmland, and Utah Lake.  I completed the loop and then finished by running 2.5 east, back to home.  There were several groups along that road who were shooting guns which made me nervous going by.  One group was actually shooting toward the road, although a small hill was their backdrop.  I wish they would go further away from the communities.  It was a great run!

February 1, 2003

We were in a winter heat wave.  With the temperatures pushing toward 60 degrees, I had to go out and do a quick hike.  I had been battling a mile cold all week, but felt good enough to give it a try. 

I again hiked up Lake Mountain, behind our house.  I was determined this time to go all the way to the radio towers at the top.  I started at 5,100 feet elevation.  The road was pretty muddy in spots but there was still slushy snow in Israel Canyon.  Small streams of water was flowing in the road and occasionally could be heard down in the bottom of the stream bed.  With the mild temperatures, this was a T-shirt, shorts hike, until the top which was very windy.  The occasional muddy footing slowed the pace down, but it was still a good workout to the top.

The top was incredible.  Paul, Ed, and I came near the top a month earlier and should have taken the extra fifteen minutes to go to the top for the view.  I could see all of Utah County from up there.  It was an incredible view, with a totally different perspective looking down from the west.  I was amazed how large the Alpine/Cedar Hill/Highland are looked…packed with houses.  The top was at 7,700 feet elevation, so the hike was a 2,600 foot climb, pretty steep.  The run down was fast, and the eight-mile adventure took about two hours.