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The Uinta mountain range in Utah is one of the few ranges in North America that runs east to west.  This mountain range contains all of the Utah peaks higher than 13,000 feet and it is the most remote mountain range in the state.  The highest continuous established trail in the Uintas is the Highline Trail (#025) that runs the length of the mountain range.   This very remote trail is one of the most remarkable trails in the nation.   In its entirety, the trail is more than 100 miles long.   A 78-mile stretch from Leidy Peak on the east to Hayden Pass on the west is generally recognized as the end-to-end expanse of the trail.  The rest of the trail is through mostly forest outside the wilderness area.

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For the 4th time, I traveled to the Lake Tahoe area and ran in the Tahoe Rim Trail 100.  This race keeps drawing me back to it because of its beauty, challenge, and single track trails.  The course runs up along the ridges on the east portion of the lake above Incline Village.  This year they added a new challenging twist.  The course needed to be altered because of a permit problem, so we were able to run on new trails for the race, including a brutal climb straight up a ski resort run.

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