I started running about 2 a.m. and ran counter-clockwise all the way around massive Utah Lake, an 82-mile adventure run.  About 3/4th was rural country.   Many cyclists do this every year, but I’m the first to do it on foot in a day.   Here is my video report.

A few more details:

I ran the first 26 miles in the dark.  They include some very straight miles on the west of Utah Lake.  You can look south and see the lights of Elberta and Goshen 20 miles away. It can really mess with your mind.  You can also see the Highway mile markers ticking down, 17, 16, etc.  Mentally I had a rough time with those first 30 miles.  It was cold, dark, and lonely.  I had decided to turn back several times.  I remember at mile 24.5 I concluded I would turn around at the 25-mile mark to make the run and even 50 and be home by noon.  But for some reason at the 25-mile mark, I just kept running forward.   By mile 30, after all that investment, I knew I should just keep going.

I kept a good pace going, but it wasn’t too speedy.  I knew I had plenty of time.  What is nice about these adventure runs that involve some towns, is that you can use convenient marts and fast-food places as aid stations.  I stopped four times for a nice relaxing meal.  Very nice.

On the East side, there are no direct routes like on the west.  It really takes some good navigation to minimize the miles.  At times you are heading in the wrong direction, but that is the best that can be done.  If there was a good frontage road along I-15 from Lindon to Lehi, that would make cut the mileage down nicely, but there is not, so you have to zig-zag.   Running the railroad through the cities is not allowed.  I talked to a railroad guy working on the Frontrunner testing, and he said it is a $1,000 fine for trespassing and going along the tracks.   So, you just need to use the roads.   Still, there may be some possible short-cuts that I have overlooked that might save a mile or two.

I decided to just run the Geneva Road to Pleasant Grove and pick up State Street to American Fork.  It was dark again and I preferred to see the lights and people, plus plenty of eating options.   My last few miles near the lake in Saratoga Springs were nice and quiet.   I was glad to finish and it felt like I really accomplished something pretty amazing.