Once the snow starts falling in the mountains, I either have to head south for long runs in the winter, or find interesting runs in the low valleys.   A favorite flat run that is about 25-26 miles, is a run along a couple canal roads.   These canals were constructed over 100 years ago and continue to spread irrigation water across the Salt Lake Valley. 

To make it interesting, I do this run in a giant loop using two of the canals.   The canals further up the foothills (to the west) are not blocked by fences and are used by runners and horseback riders.   A dirt maintenance road follows by the canal.  This run passes by ranches and through newer housing developments.   At the 11-mile mark, it reaches 90th South, where I usually refill at a convenient store.


I start this run near Camp Williams, across from the Point of the Mountain, near the Jordan Narrows.  On Redwood Road, heading north, you drive past Camp Williams and turn right on the road to the Veterans Memorial Park (17000 South).  Keep your eye on the left for a canal.  After the canal is a road, 1400 West.   I usually park on that road.

Run along the canal road to the north.  This is the Provo Reservoir Canal.  After about a half mile, the canal crosses the very busy Redwood Road.   Carefully cross the road and jump back on the canal road.   Nice views are soon seen of the valley descending to the right and the expansive landscape to the north and west being gobbled up by development.  You will stay on the canal road for ten more miles until it almost reaches 90th South.  You will cross several busy roads and eventually the canal will run paralell to 4000 West.   The road will soon end at 4000 West.   You then run north to 90th South and can refill at a convenient store.  

Next, turn right (east) on 90th South, cross over Bangerter Highway, and in a couple blocks you will come to another canal, the Utah Lake Dist Canal.   Turn right (south) on the canal road.    You run along this dirt road all the way to  10755 South.  At that point you can’t continue on the canal road because of a gate that warns you about bulls that can run faster than you.   So you need to turn east on 10755 South and run to 2700 West.   Run south along the sidewalk all the way to 11400 South.  Turn right (west) on 11400 South and run west for a half mile until you reach the canal road.   Jump back on the canal road and head south for a couple more miles.

Here is where this run turns into a Crockett adventure.   You will come to the Bangerter Highway.   The canal road ends and the canal goes under the Highway.  In winter months, the canal is empty and it is possible to jump down into the canal and go under the highway.   You have to stoop and there can be some muddy sections, but usually it isn’t too bad.  Oh, and just ignore any bats that you might see hanging. 

Once on the other side of the highway, the canal road continues through Bluffdale.  It will eventually cross Redwood Road.   Stay on the canal road as it winds its way through some new development areas.   As it approaches closer to Camp Williams, the canal road is less traveled and has bushes on it.   You will also need to cross over a couple old fences.   Just keep going.   The canal road will eventually reach a paved road near the Jordan Narrows at a very large private building.  Run up the paved road to the west until you reach your starting point.

This run usually takes me about 5 hours.

1- Dec 28, 2005

2- Feb 20, 2006

3- Mar 11, 2006

4- Apr 15, 2006

5 – Oct 28, 2006

6- Feb 24, 2007