Well, I gave it a good shot, but didn’t finish this year at Leadville.   As you can see from my splits below, I did very well for the first 50, slowed a little, but stayed ahead of my 2007 pace clear to Halfmoon.   I was still way ahead of cutoffs.

At Halfmoon, my right hip was huring so bad that I just couldn’t run anymore.  I could walk, but it was a slow 3 mph.   After arriving at Fish Hatchery, I was shivering bad and I had lost all my motivation.  I tried to warm up for 90 minutes and then decided to just quit.   No one really tried to talk my out of it.   Of course I now regret it, but no doubt I was injured.   The rain and wind was cold.  It was a pretty miserable night.

 This DNF breaks a string of 17 consecutive 100-mile finishes for me.   You learn a lot from DNFs.   I learned a lot and can do some things different next time.    I’m probably done with Leadville.   The dirt road running at times just got old.   I loved the single-track portions, but when I came to a dirt road, I just lost energy and enjoyment.   Leadville also takes a huge investment to adjust to the altitude.   My altitude training this year seemed to work great, but it took a ton of time.

Here’s how I did

miles 2008 goal 2008 actual 2007
Start 0 0    
May Queen 13.5 2:15 2:03 2:11
Fish Hatchery 23.5 4:15 4:07 4:13
Halfmoon 30.5 5:40 5:31 5:46

39.5 7:30 7:33 7:49
Hopeless 44.5 9:20  9:36 9:55
Winfield 50 11:00 11:11 11:39
Hopeless 55.5 13:00  13:35 13:55

60.5 14:15 14:55 15:12
Halfmoon 69.5 16:45  17:48 17:47
Fish Hatchery 76.5 18:30  19:47 19:27
May Queen 86.5 21:30   22:36
Finish 100 25:00:00   26:15:00